Construction and real estate sector play a significant role in the response to climate change and have substantial potential for reducing their environmental impact. Sirius considers ESG -aspects in all business processes; acquisition, management and exit. On an asset level, we focus on environmental aspects, where we aim to reduce environmental impact of our assets. We work actively, as property owner to reduce energy consumption, CO2 emissions and water consumption as well as to increase waste recycling rate in the assets we own. We encourage and enable our tenants to implement sustainable measures at Sirius’ properties.

The success of Sirius is ultimately a product of the quality and the performance of individuals in the firm working together and supported by the operations, systems and infrastructure we build. Sirius promotes an enjoyable and positive working environment with a good spirit. We treat and compensate our employees fairly and strive for a balance between work and free time. As a compact team of professionals communication, learning and personal development are an integral part of working at Sirius.

Sirius is committed to doing business ethically, with the highest standards of integrity, and to maintaining a culture which reinforces and encourages this approach within its employees and business partners. We use leading advisors and service providers in ensuring our compliance with laws and regulations and monitor relevant changes to such laws and regulations in each country where we operate or where we control legal entities. We have a zero tolerance on bribery of any sort in all activities, any potential situations of conflicting interests are monitored on an on-going basis and personal account dealing is clearly addressed in the Sirius governance policy.

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